I recently migrated some Vue2 projects from vue-cli / webpack to vitejs. After doing that for the third time, I started to have some exhaustive notes about the process, which I’d like to recap in this post.


Let’s remove “@vue/cli-service” dependency and replace it by vite 🚀

Here is my experimentation of a simple, yet quite impactful change: removing submit buttons.

tl;dr: The goal here was to save input values on the fly, in order for the web page to be used as a real-time collaboration tool. And I’ll explain the problems I ran into.

Tech Stack

Vue.js 2 / Node.js + GraphQL / Apollo with subscriptions + MongoDB.

I’m pretty sure I could have used Firebase Realtime Database and get a similar end result.


I was asked to code a simple UI with a list of items to check and review. Each member of the team could go…

From Vuetify to nothing to tailwind

I recently decided to work again on an old side-project of mine: “Ages and Birthdays”.

First thing to do was to bump most of the dependencies as they were largely outdated. (Thanks Github for reminding me about these security issues.)

One of my dependencies was Vuetify v1.0. Moving to Vuetify v2.2 went relatively smoothly 👍.

  • BUT* looking at this freshly updated version, I was still a bit disappointed by the amount of custom CSS rules to make my app look like what I wanted to. …

Cedric Nicoloso

Yet another JavaScript developer

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